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Amy left the hospital today.
Her postoperative recovery is good and speedy.
She feels good to come back home.
She has a shaven head bet she still  beautiful.

She like a ice cream.

She read[see] the book.

She nipped at mam'sarm.

she's calling.

Shall you dance?
wrier_ seonkyoung choi


Please pray to god for Amy

I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you.
Amy had a brain surgery.
She eaten any amount of meat, juice, cookie .... in a baseball stadium.
So She had been vomit violently. This symptoms persist for three weeks.
Pediatrician said 'Amy is constipated and  suffer from indigestion .'
Also We were mistaken she had upset stomach from a lot of food.
We sure know whrer she sick in Dankook university hospital.
She got a thorough medical checkup.
The neurosurgeon   was able to diagnose a case.  He performed a brain surgery when Amy was still a baby.
Her illness is meningitis. Amy had a meningitis surgery four years ago.
Consequently Her head has  apparatus for drain off water.
It was been  functionally disordered.
so Amy underwent a surgical in last Tuseday.[05.17]
Fortunately She passed the many crisis and She is well on the way to recovery.
But She need prayer.
I'm sorry, I don't inform you  as soon as of this.

wrier_ seonkyoung choi


Piano Concert

May 12 Thursday pm.6:00

seonkyoung played the piano. I trembled at the thought of playing the piano.
After paly, I felt something wanting.

wrier_ seonkyoung choi

a reflecting telescope

wrier_ seonkyoung choi


She gave a presentation during class.

She made preparation for the presentation by mom and sister.
Amy is shy girl. but she gave presentation gallantly.

wrier_ seonkyoung choi


she is cooking~

Amy cook Korea pizza (화전 : Flower jeon)

Korean have Flower jeon in spring.

It is made to vernal flowers. ex : azalea  , mugwort .....   

kitchen-stuff : vernal flower , rice flour  , salt , cooking oil     

A recipes for Flower jeon

1. mix the rice flour and water to make dough.
2. roll the dough thin .
3.cut a round piece
4.put on a flower 
5.fry it in oil

you try have it ~

+ Flower jeon is Korean traditional food.

korea pizza is made to only dough and vegetable.

This food is not sauce or cheese in use.
dip a piece of flower jeon in grain syrup and eat it

wrier_ seonkyoung choi


She's growing !!

She has practiced go to the toilet by herself since lastmonth.

When she want to go to bethroom , She says  " I'll go to bethroom. "

That times, I must stop whatever I am doing to do something for her.

However She can not say ' I have to take a shit ' and  She She sometimes wet her clothes.

she needs much time to go to the toilet. 

she cannot be still even for a moment

P.S  Today, She has wetted her pants twice. But She's always happy ~

wrier_ seonkyoung choi